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Pick up a word / phrase mixed media page

I didn't pick up a word for the year... Normally I do but this year I didn't yet.

When I was playing around in my art journal I was also thinking that it is ok to not have a word... maybe I want to be a little extra and give myself permission to pick up a whole bunch of words or phrases that works for me this year. So I decided to share a bit of my process with you and gave you a freebie if you feel 'wordless' like me.

Pick up a phrase or two or three that resonates with you.

Try your hand at a mixed media collage page with a bit of watercolor paint. In this video, I will show you how to make a page in your art journal. Using collage techniques.


Template to Trace Pencil

Permanent Pen

Mixed Media or Watercolor Art Journal (paper is important)

Watercolor Paper (Extra piece)

Round Brushes

Watercolor Paint

Cup of Water Towel

Craft knife (optional to cut out words)


Elmer's White Glue or Mod Podge

Scrape Tool

Download Template:

pick up a word
Download PDF • 3.01MB

Video Here:


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