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Painting on Napkins

No surprise to some of you who know me well is that I like to collect pretty things. Always with the intention to use it later.

Soooo let me show you how you can use a pretty napkin inside your journal.

In the video you will see I am adding on top of a page I started and not liked. It happens. You don't have to like everything you start. You can paint over it, you can decoupage over it but I try not to ever tear out a page sooooo let me show you what I did.

Soon I will add a quote also.. just thinking of the right one.

Also listen to alexa announcing that I did it Friday at 5pm... the things that happen here are sometimes hilarious and unpredictable.


Decorative napkins


Acrylic paints

Elmer's Glue

paint brushes


water cup


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