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Drawing and painting an orange car tutorial

In this video I will show you how to draw from a reference photo using the grid method. It is a very easy method to use and can help you so much with perspective.

I like to use this method like I show you in the video with the plastic sheet protector because it is reusable. Do an 1 inch grid on one side and a 1/2 inch grid on other side.

The bigger blocks help to draw bigger and less details and the smaller block can help with more details.

If you do not have a sheet protector draw the lines on top of your printed reference photo.

Helpful hints

  • Draw so light that you can easily erase (even consider drawing on a separate piece of paper to transfer later to watercolor paper)

  • Practice by drawing what you see.

  • What you see in the block on reference photo, you copy in your block on your paper

  • Stop adding details

  • Outlines first to get it all in place

  • Erase the whole time your extra lines (erasing a lot on watercolor paper can damage the paper so be careful)

  • Use your pencil or ruler to measure and confirm line direction


Sheet protector



Pencil (mechanical pencil)

Thin permanent pen

white eraser

kneaded eraser

Watercolor Paper



Watercolor Paint

Cup of Water


Reference photo by Brigitt. Thank you for sharing.

Draw what you see inside every square. This is using a 1 inch grid.

This is a 1/2 inch grid. Blocks are smaller to help with details.

Drawing a grid on top of reference photo or inside sheet protector with grid.

Print these out if you don't feel like measuring LOL

Reference photo inside grid sheet protector and grid on my drawing still visible.

Draw your grid on your watercolor paper soooo light so you don't see lines and damage paper while erasing. OR draw on separate piece of copy paper and transfer to watercolor paper.

Final drawing.

Keep in mind it never needs to be perfect. My goal is always to just get the perspective right or else it just look off. The more you draw the more you train your eye to draw what you see. Practice will give you confidence to then sit outside somewhere and just sketch. Or to take photos and know later you will just quickly sketch them out.

I drew the small grid in corner to show that a smaller grid can help you if there is more details. I forgot to share that in the video. OOPS.

Watch the full video here:

Have fun drawing and share the results with me. I would love to see. Also share photos you want to draw and maybe I can make another tutorial.

Feedback is also always welcome!


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