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Step by step art classes for kids via zoom on Monday afternoons.

We love to paint with acrylics and we try many different subjects.

Thursday class is so hard to explain but all you need is all your art supplies scatter around you, a journal of your choice, something to drink and the willingness to stay busy for a minimum of two hours. Collaging is so fun but also challenging so we often try to cut, glue and paint, mainly with acrylics. You learn so much. From drawing from scratch to see me figuring out the project we voted on. LOL

We find inspiration from everywhere and try to recreate what we see. Always fun and never boring.

March was over in a blink of an eye but we did had some fun watercolor projects.

Once a month I do an in person class at the Sherman Library and Gardens. I love the poppy we did with the polka dot vase. I absolutely love flowers and the pink peony turned out so pretty. The little waterfront scene was a bit more challenging with all those straight lines but the fox and the cupcake had challenges too. I loved the lavender fields and lavender always reminds me of my mom :)

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