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Coloring Book

My Adult Coloring Book is here!

So excited that my art is on the front cover of the Super Soul Flow Coloring book. 
I also have 6 pages inside for you to color.
We were 17 artists all over the world who worked on our book together.

You know how meditative and relaxing coloring is.

I have been working with Whitney Freya and some of my fellow Creatively Fit Coaches to bring you

‘Super Soul Flow’ Adult coloring book.


You know how meditative and relaxing coloring is.

This coloring book goes a step further by connecting you to the language of your soul.

Sacred symbols, art + ritual dance together to create “Artual,” a new way to create feelings

of peace and freedom.

Your feelings and thoughts are different depending on what you are coloring.


With the accompanying meditations, each page will expand your awareness into new ways you are being loved and guided every day.

The Super Soul Flow Adult Colouring Book is the creation of Whitney Freya’s Creatively Fit Coaches, a circle of creatives inspired to reveal to you the magic you have within and the access you have to the Divine in each and every “brushstroke” of the art that is your life.

The Elphant LOVE Postcard Box Set

You are invited to support our 

by purchasing a Carton of Elephant Love Postcards

On April 27th, 2015, in Zimbabwe, Antonella Bargione, a Creatively Fit Coach, gathered with a tribe of elephants and a tribe of women to honor the divine feminine LOVE embodied and preserved in both tribes. The women came for healing…from the elephants.

In a symbol of our unity and love, many of us in the “herd” of Creatively Fit Coaches painted ELEPHANT PAINTINGS to share the energy of Antonella’s event.

It was my idea to create a set of cards so more people can share the #artreach.

Support us by buying a set of postcards and spread the Elephant Love.

What Elephants also teach us:


Elephant LOVE
Elephants can teach us that gentleness, commitment, and communication in relationships is very powerful and necessary to keep relationships alive, trusting and loving, whether it be friends, family or partner. Deeply committed to all creatures with whom they have relationships, elephants are tough when protecting others and gentle when nurturing them. The matriarch (the oldest, most experienced female leader of a herd) leads in a way that is both gentle and inclusive. Elephants are able to communicate telepathically. This can teach us how to truly listen to others.

I see you

Elephants walk thousand-year old paths
Embodiment of the Feminine
Our Divine Mother

Holding love on Mother Earth
Your rumbles care
Our lives are touched by 
Your Unconditional Love

You teach us how to Love
That we are Self Love
That we are connected
That we belong 

You bring me to Presence
to I AM

 ~Antonella Bargione

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