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Art Supplies

some of my favorite art supplies I use
art supplies

One of the questions I get asked a lot is what supplies to buy. So I have decided to make a blogpost about it. These are the supplies I use everyday. If you have taken an in person watercolor class with me, you have painted with the watercolors I list below and on art boards I have also listed below and with a medium brush, roughly half the size of your pinky. Yes, that is how I measure. Different brush makes have different sizes.

I will never say I won’t change supplies and will never tell you what to buy, so use these as a guideline if you do not know where to start.

Supplies regarding Watercolor Classes

I am not big on buying expensive supplies but also don't want to go too cheap because it can ruin your experience.


I love tubes. The pigment is more vibrant and the paint is not dusty and doesn’t erase and smear. ShinHan watercolors'

Paint palettes with lids

Prevents from getting dusty or in my case full of dog hair.

I have quite a few. You probably don’t need to be like me.


Rounds brushes works well with watercolor.

Small for details (quarter pinky nail),

Medium for mostly everything (half pinky nail),

Large for big areas, sky, ground/water (full pinky nail)

It sounds like you only need a few, yet I have quite a lot… Also, don't be like me. However have enough so you don't have to mix watercolors brushes and acrylic paint brushes. And know that you need to buy new ones every so often depends on how much you paint. It needs a good point.

Try this set:

Sharpie pens

Absolute favorite, I buy boxes. Doesn’t bleed, doesn’t smear, dries immediately. Winner

Masking Fluid Marker

Love to use this.

Pik-Up eraser

Watercolor Journals

Always 140lb watercolor paper. I like the Strathmore brand or Canson.

Size of the journal is your choice. I have quite a selection of different sizes.

This is a typical size I use for Monday watercolor class.

Strathmore watercolor journal 9x12

If you don’t like the journal idea, watercolor pads or artboards works wonderful too.

Artboards, I use these for my in person classes if you do not bring your own journal.

Canson Watercolor Artboards

Stratmore or Canson watercolor art pads

Supplies regarding Mixed Media Classes


For art journaling I like to work with craft acrylic paint or the paint in bottles.

Folkart, Applebarrel... from Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels etc

The biggest difference between tubes and bottles is the consistency of the paint.

Bottles are easier to apply and to spread and will flatten out easily.

Tubes are thick, paste like and can create texture. However texture can also mean your pages can stick together. I use those on canvases only.

Paint Palette

I have a plastic paint palette and I have placemats I work on where I mix paint. You can also use paint palette papers or foam plates. I prefer to just scrape off the paint versus throwing away plates etc.


Have many different brushes and only use them for acrylic paint. A big flat brush the size of your thumb is great for bigger areas and to apply washes and then more in different sizes, round and flat.


The journal or paper can be watercolor paper or mixed media. I like a size 5.5 x 8 or a square 9x9. For this one I am not brand specific as I will collage, paint, stencil etc.

Pens and markers and paint pens are all fun to use.

School Glue

Mod Podge, Gel medium or school glue for collages. Have a separate brush for those or wash that brush really well when you use mod podge and gel medium. I like school glue. It works great to glue everything down.

Collage Papers

I am a collector of all things. I like to make most of my papers to collage with. Scrapbook paper, tissue paper, napkins, textured paper, gift wrapping paper are all things to collect to collage with. Most of the time I collect neutral colors for backgrounds so my image on top will have nice contrast.

Don't forget to collect, used teabags, doilies, stamps, lace, ribbon, cut out pictures out magazines! I do not want to tell you to collect stuff but I kinda want to ;)

Stamps and Stencils

I love to use both stamps and stencils on my background papers and in my journals.

These are just a few tips on general art making tools and supplies.

Ask me any questions regarding supplies.


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Your supply list is very helpful for ordering online but when I got to brushes, I stopped. I cannot order online using the minimal info provided. I really could use the names of 2 to 3 quality manufacturers and the sizes for each.

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