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Welcome! You are invited to take a deep dive with me into the world of visual journaling as a self-care tool.

Self-care is not something most of us were raised learning about or had modeled for us.

It's up to us as adults to learn how to give ourselves the self-care that we need for our own health and well-being.

Let's do this together. You are not alone!

What solutions can a visual journal provide?

Q: Do you need one place to collect all of your ideas and inspirations?

A: A visual journal is a great solution.

Q: Do you need a place to track your physical, mental, or emotional ups and downs?

A: A visual journal is wonderful, as you have space to draw a human form and label what hurts, including your heart.

Q: Are you new to visual journaling and need a space to play and explore with mixed media supplies?

A: Your visual journal is just the right spot. You may want a larger size journal so you have the freedom to play.

Q: Do you long to document more about your life?

A: Open up the pages of your visual journal and start writing your observations, thoughts, gluing in photos, etc. Your life matters.

Q: Do you need a safe space to get to know yourself better?

A: A visual journal is the safe place that fulfills that need for self-connection.

Q: Do you need a place to write down your wishes and dreams?

A: A visual journaling practice helps you name, acknowledge, and potentially manifest your dreams!

Q: Would you like a safe space to connect to something greater than yourself?

A: Through writing and visual imagery work you have the opportunity to tap into the subconscious, as well as the often mysterious spiritual realm.

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