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 creativity coach

workshop facilitator 

Come join me on this colorful journey where we dive deep into the world of art where I will help you navigate, master, and inspire you to have more fun!

Are you new to painting? Are you overwhelmed on where to start? Do you need a space to play, and explore, with watercolor or mixed medias?

Then you've come to the right place!

No age restrictions!


My art is universal and I only request you come with an open heart.

​Join me for my easy to follow, colorful, and at times messy, classes.

I will have something available weekly for children and adults of any age!
I will share my favorite supplies, tips and tricks. I encourage you to pick up your own art journal or two!

Opening up a brand new art journal is like a new friendship. Every page you turn, you're building a beautiful, lasting relationship with art, and creating a wonderful self-care tool! I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but it's honestly the truth!

Art should be an everyday occurrence. It's important to explore your creative side, and let your imagination come to life. Setting time aside for a day or two is an investment in yourself. If I can inspire you to try new things, then I've accomplished my goal as an artist, and as a teacher.

The creativity that is found in Art is the illumination of beauty, that gives life. I look forward to the beauty you will bring.

erna van dyk
erna van dyk

What I Do:


Weekly Art Classes

(all ages)

Watercolor, Acrylic, Gouache, Collage, Mixed Media



Artwork, any medium 


Custom Events 

(all ages)

Painting Parties, Fundraisers, School Events, Private Events, One-on-One Art Classes.


Custom Stationery

Wedding, Baby Showers etc

Previous Art Projects from Watercolor Monday Classes:

Paint with me !

get template to trace here

I welcome your email or your call / text to discuss any of your art needs!

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You have the power to create,

nurture and transform!

...and then this happened!

When I turned 40 I had this crazy idea to paint 40 paintings of women and then have my own solo exhibition. it was a lot of painting but so fun and such a great experience. 40 is great!

Read my story here!

I still have a few paintings left,

check them out here! 

erna van dyk art

I am part of an amazing group of artists and together we created postcards and a coloring book.


Get a box of

Postcards or a Coloring book!

erna van dyk
erna van dyk
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