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Creative Spaces featuring Jeanine Brown

I am honored to introduce Jeanine as a fellow artist on my blog. Jeanine and I both teach classes at the Dragonfly Shops and Gardens in Old Towne Orange in California. I love her whimsy style and cute characters. They are fun and happy

My name is Jeanine Brown and I live in Aliso Viejo. I have been making one thing or another for most of my life, decorating cakes, sewing clothes, making jewelry, anything to feed my creativity. It wasn’t until 2000 that I put a brush to canvas, and I was hooked! After raising 3 boys and a big life change, started looking at artists and took several painting workshops from the artists I admired at the time. I started out doing landscapes, working with oil paints in a plein-air style, and even was privileged enough to go on an Art Study in France to paint in Monet’s magical gardens in 2004 and 2007. It was transformative and an experience of a lifetime.

Since then my style has changed and transformed quite a bit. Today I work mainly in acrylics and in a more whimsical style, sometimes incorporating collage into my work. Little characters have been showing up in my work, and I follow them on all kinds of explorations. I hope to write a few stories to give them even more life one day. As far as my palette…color and MORE color please!

I currently teach at the Dragonfly Studio in Orange. I have a Wednesday Open Paint workshop where we explore all kinds painting. Also, on Friday nights, Sip-N-Dip, where we paint step-by-step to music while sipping on our favorite beverage.

Show us your favorite part of your studio.

My favorite part of my studio is my new table. It fits right in the corner and curves around in front of the windows and is perfect for spreading out on. I’m able to work on several pieces at once, it’s perfect!

What kind of creative habits, routines or rituals do you have?

One habit I try to maintain is to do something creative every day, even if I don’t have time for a full-on paint session, I at least do research, draw out ideas for paintings, read an article in an art magazine, or do a few small studies on paper. When I commit to this, my day is so much happier and my right brain stays awake and dancing around!

Share your favorite art supply/medium.

Currently I am in love with Deli paper and creating my own hand painted papers. Collaging these into my paintings in the early stages give a lot of texture to my work. I like to use found objects to make unique marks on the paper, and one of my favorite marks is empty register rolls (from the restaurant where I work) dipped in paint and used like a stamp on the paper. It makes the cutest pinwheel type mark!

What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever created?

I would have to say sentimental thing would be the painting I did from a photograph of my husband and I when we were dating. It was taken in Laguna Beach while we were goofing around dancing. It was displayed at our wedding 8 years ago and hangs proudly in our dining room.

Second would be L.C., my studio mate who hangs out on my “thinking chair”. She is a doll I created from bits of fabric and buttons and she is super sassy with her sparkly eyes, striped legs and big red lips, lol.

How do you stay organized?

Organized? What’s that? I make the most of my art space by utilizing every nook and cranny. The large red shelf from IKEA is perfect for keeping all my paints and mediums, and I made good use out of some wooden spice shelves which I installed above my work table to hold my ketchup bottles full of paint for easy access.

Whenever I start feeling stuck, I start putting everything back in its place and it always seems to free up space for creativity to start to play.

What do you think your studio says about yourself?

I think it shows my desire to create in a state of happiness and to have fun! I have so many knick-knacks and things people have given me over the years that I just smile when I look around my studio. The joy I feel when creating in my art space is something I am so grateful for… every day.

Do you like people in your space?

I love when people come to play in my studio, it seems to help them shed their everyday worries and let go and play. I try to have friends, family and fellow artists over to enjoy good munchies, listen to good music, and make good art whenever possible. I have a core group of nieces and nephews who come and have “paint nights” in the studio. Even when people come in to just feed their curiosity it makes me so happy to share my love of painting and share ideas. I love it!

Hope you had fun in Jeanine's studio space. Make sure to visit her and take one of her classes!

You can find Jeanine here:


Instagram: @neenieblove

Email: painter2b1@yahoo.com

Facebook: Sip-N-Dip with Jeanine

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