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Creative Spaces featuring Tiffiny Lilley

I was so excited to feature Tiffiny, as my very first guest, on my blog today. She is such a great inspiration and we share many fun painting memories. I met her for the first time in Nashville in 2015. We shared a house and painted for quite a few days together. Great times and our friendship just continued to grow over social media. Gotta love the Facebook world. Can't wait for us to paint together again someday, hopefully soon. She was also the one who changed my life when she introduced me to Kombucha. That is a whole new other blog post though.

Let's peek inside her studio! It looks like such a fun creative space.

Studio Lilley, Art on the Farm

Hi! My name is Tiffiny Lilley and I am a mixed media artist. I live in Mesa, Arizona; with cats, dogs chickens, rabbits, quail and a couple of humans. Paint Yourself Happy is my motto and it motivates me everyday share my passion for art and creativity. So Thank You, in advance, for taking the time to visit with me in my downtown historic Mesa art studio :)

Show Us the Favorite Part of Your Studio

My creative space, Studio Lilley, is located in our 1935 two story home and backyard farm. The best part about painting on my farm is that I rarely paint solo. I love that my creative space is always shared with animals, kids and big people too.

It is a challenge for me to pick one favorite part of my studio, which probably says something about me. I love lots of things and I live for change. If you've ever been to my studio you know that I never leave anything where it is, for more than a few months.

The largest room on the first level of our home is where most of the art making happens, so that is probably my most used and favorite space. The walls are covered with Weirdimals (see below) and artwork created by my daughter, myself and a few friends. The French doors, the only source of natural light for this big room, lead to the backyard and farm. The back porch is my second favorite place to play and paint with chickens.

What kind of creative habits, routines or rituals do you have?

I love change, but at the same time I am a creature of habit. My current morning ritual starts around 5am at my art table with a cup of tea or kombucha. And every day before the sun comes up I reserve 5 to 15 minutes to create whatever I want, even if it is simply moving paint around with no real plan. This morning practice has become my daily meditation, a gift to myself.

Share your favorite art supply/medium.

My favorite supply or medium is white Gesso. I love to paint with it, create texture with it, stamp in it, paint over it and of course prime with it. I use it almost everyday. In second place would be my Stabilo pencil.

What is your favorite creation?

Weirdimals have to be my favorite creation, so much so, that I create one almost everyday. I have had an entire wall covered with them, with the help of friends.

Weirdimals are a drawing exercise that create a weird animal, sometimes recognizable, like a chicken, sometimes, a mystery monster. As a practice, these little paintings have taught me that so much in life is not within our control and often the best plan is to let go and allow. They have also taught me to look and see what IS possible. And just like people, #weirdimals are unique, quirky, beautiful and I love them.

How do you stay organized?

Let's say organization in my art studio is an ongoing creative project... I am a finder of things and I love to repurpose. My most recent find was a spinning hardware (nuts and bolts) holder that is perfect for making seasonal art supplies and material easy to access. Spinning it makes it fun to find random things to use to create a quick thank you card or tiny piece of art.

What Do You Think Your Studio Says About You?

I think my studio says "Hi! Want to make something?" I have been told that my studio is inspiring. I never get tired of hearing this, because that is exactly my goal, to inspire and share creative happiness!

Do you like other people in your space?

Yes. I believe my purpose is to share what makes me happy. I love sharing that there is no wrong way to create art. Art is healing, when it needs to be, and an avenue to pure joy and happiness. Art is Good for YOU!

In my art studio I provide small group classes, art parties and 1 on 1 studio time for kids and big people too. You are always welcome to come in, sit down, grab a brush. Let's paint!

You can find me in my studio online at: Studio Lilley Instagram Facebook or on the farm at Inspire Farms: Inspire Farms Instagram Facebook

Hope you had a great time with Tiffiny. Look her up when you are in Arizona and make sure to follow her on social media.

Photo Credit: Clint Silverhorn

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