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A peek inside my creative space.

Photo credit to my husband and he loves filters

I honestly love to see where all the magic around the world happens. Doesn’t really matter what you do. It matters where your magic is! Kitchens, studios, gardens, cubicles…. So I want to introduce a new series of blog posts sharing creative spaces all around the world.

I would love for you to take a peek inside my studio and have a cup of coffee with me.

My hallway is fairly wide, enough to fit a cabinet for extra supplies. Perfect!

I have double doors that open up into the room that just make it feel more open and inviting.

My gallery wall. My artwork, my son's artwork and some from friends.

My desk and behind me, more shelves. I know, ALOT OF STUFF.

I have always been an artist, always playing with paint and enjoyed many crafts and arts. I got my formal education in graphic design but never gave up painting and playing. A big move from South Africa to America gave me the opportunity to start teaching art. From beginners, adults and kids. I also believe art heals and art connects and through my art I have found the most amazing community of friends. It sure helped made the move away from family and friends so much easier. Through my step by step workshops and classes, I teach all the formal aspects and techniques of art. Playful, intuitive painting and art making connects you to yourself on a much deeper level and through my creative coaching practice I like to help people to use art as a tool for themselves.

Show us your favorite part of your studio.

I love to sit on the floor where the sunshine comes in and it just happens to be right in front of my easel! My cat, Merlin is my studio assistant and always with me. Either on the chair or on my lap.

Photo credit to my son Ruan, he is on top of many great things, also my photographer!

What kind of creative habits, routines or rituals do you have?

I am a tea and coffee drinker and will have multiple cups after the end of the day. I work best late at night but I, honestly, try to become a morning person.

I like to sit on the floor and create.

I take a lot of photos and then I like to draw almost everything.

I build a relationship with every new journal or canvas. I treat them as a new friendship. There is just something about a new journal or a new canvas that is equally exiting and scary. It’s like a new friendship… you don’t know the person well so you kind of figuring things out with coffee dates and shared lunches etc. Same with a blank canvas/journal... every mark you make will unfold into something. Some marks will be great and some, well, not so great. Like friendships, some days you have great times together and sometimes just not so great and that is totally OK.

Share your favorite art supply/medium.

Watercolor is my top favorite. I love the dreamy colors and the soft feel. But I do like to mix media and to combine everything I like.

What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever created?

It is hard to pick. I have two paintings in my house that I really like and then in my journal I recently did a butterfly in pen with watercolor flowers as his body.

I also love my acrylic paint on fabric classes. We have created so many things like that, from covers to our journals and pouches for supplies to shopping bags!

Love my flower painting above our bed in our bedroom.

She hangs on the stairway. She is full of yummy textures and paint splatters.

I love to combine pen, lettering and watercolor.

How do you stay organized?

I travel mainly to teach classes outside of my studio space and some one on one in my house. I need to know where everything is and try to pack it away before I go to bed. Hard one, I know! But everything has a spot. I also store my supplies in containers that I can just grab and go. No need to repack anything. I also try really hard not to buy stuff on impulse. I just don’t have the space. I try to group things that go together and keep the things I use frequently in arms length.

What do you think your studio say about yourself?

To me, my organized messy space is inviting and friendly. Like me! I like things organized but I also like to have fun and I just love to display things. From artwork from my son to cute pictures from students and friends. I also have a bit of a mismatch style.

Do you like other people in your space?

I do not mind at all! I love to share, art, tea, conversations! Come on over! My space is small but often my whole family is in there! To me it is the best part of the house. I love it there.

Fresh flowers just makes any space so welcome and friendly.

Meet Merlin! He is my bestie and my constant companion.

Hope you had fun with my studio tour!

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