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Hello 2017! I am ready, are you?

All ready 5 days in the new year! Love it though.

Dear 2017,

I am ready for you. Even though I am not one for making new years resolutions, I am ready. No BIG life changing plans for me. Just keep on going in the direction of my dreams. Maybe my dreams change over time, that is ok. I just keep on following them.

So let's just have a quick discussion about 2016.

There was fun, entertainment and a lot of learning. Adjusting, Changing. Accepting.

I always have to remind myself that things should change. It cannot just stay the same. We do not stay the same. We change. We have cycles and we have rhythms. Go with the flow. Go with YOUR flow. Create your own flow, gather your own tribe. But flow. Graceful and gentle.

I am ready to use all my tools and experiences for the new year. The new cycle. Learning more and more about myself as I grow older. My art change, my life change, my feelings change. Evolving. Accepting once again who I am. I let my heart guide me. Accepting I am vulnerable.

My painting practice is my therapy and as I was struggling and working through some personal stuff towards the end of last year, I painted these lotus flowers. I love them. I love how it reminds me that even though these gorgeous white flowers grow in mucky mud water they are pure and white and so beautiful. They do not let where they come from hold them back. They just grow beautifully as if nothing matters. Something to practice in our daily lives as well.

Everyday is a new day! Make more art. Nap more. Laugh more. Make time to spend time together with people that you love. Try something new.

Some of the steps to complete my painting.

Classes resume again this week at Studio H in Irvine and next week in Old Towne Orange.

Art classes for adults:

Monday Mornings at 10am - Dragonfly Studio in Orange

Friday mornings at 9:30am - Studio H in Irvine

Beautiful Butterfly Painting Workshop on January 16th, 7pm at Studio H in Irvine

Read more here: http://www.ernavandyk.com/events

or Sign up here: http://www.studiohfineart.com/adult-workshops.html

lots of love


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