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Kindness changes everything

I am thankful for so many things. Life is so good. I have this reminder on my kitchen wall.

Kindness changes everything. It is never too late. Start today.

Ruan and I had to do some shopping today and it was so fun to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and I mean EVERYONE! We smiled and giggled the whole time and I must say it was contagious. We had so many conversations with so many strangers. So many compliments. Not sure how long Ruan will love the fact that people compare his smile and eyes to mine... or that most people think I am his sister! I will take all of that for as long as I can. But the hugs he gives me, warms my heart. I love being a mom to him. Thankful. Grateful.

Every day you decide how your day will be. Just love more. Smile more. Breathe.

Monday's art class before Thanksgiving was so fun. Drinking yummy coffee from Aussie Bean, sharing cookies and making art. And the conversation! PRICELESS.

The best way of being together doing what you love. I am so thankful for all the people in my life. Find your tribe, it is so rewarding and so worth it.

Images from art class at the Dragonfly Studio on a Monday morning.

Thanksgiving is a beautiful celebration. Spend it well. Do what you love and eat all the turkey.

Art classes for adults:

Monday Mornings at 10am - Dragonfly Studio in Orange

Friday mornings at 9:30am - Studio H in Irvine

Happy Thanksgiving!

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